Once upon a time…


Way back in 1997.

Lemonade, a new graphic design agency in Melbourne was born. The agency was founded out of pure passion for branding and graphic design.

Over the following 17 years the company became one of Melbourne’s best graphic design, brand and web design agencies winning numerous local and international design awards, growing to a staff of 20+ and working with some of the nations best known brands.

However, the landscape changed, and small businesses demanded easy to self manage, stylish and powerful website solutions that we’re affordable and wouldn’t break the budget. Small businesses also understood and valued the need for well thought out design and crafted branding for their success.

This is why Squarely was founded. To help your business develop a powerful brand design and online presence through our Squarespace web design and SEO packages.


I had a dream…

Being a passionate graphic designer and self-taught Squarespace expert, after using Squarespace for smaller clients for over 10 years, I came to a point where I wanted to create a brand and web agency that specifically developed websites solutions on the Squarespace platform for small businesses, while also helping them with their brand and design needs.

Working with over 1000 small, medium and large businesses over my 25+ year career, I also wanted a platform where I could help clients not only in Melbourne, but anywhere on the planet. I understand what a small business needs, especially after running my own, and serving other businesses for over the past 20 years

Squarely can help any small business in Australia from the comfort of their own home, office, worksite or beach chair.

Let’s find out what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.


What makes me tick

Born and bred in Melbourne, I love spending time with my wife Diana and daughter Ivy. I’m also a passionate photographer and love nothing more than a Spritz after a long day at work.

Things that get me excited are Modernist architecture, great typography, vintage cars, bikes, boats, cooking and swimming in the Mediterranean.

I love chips (too much), can make a mean San Choy Bau and am a lover of old school 80’s hip-hop.

So….. this is starting to sound like a dating profile…However, this is me, the person you’ll be working with to help guide you in the right direction when developing a new brand, website or whatever your business needs are right now.

But, enough about me, what about you?

Successful brand partnerships

Since setting up an agency in 1997, i’ve been proud to partner with some incredible brands on many exciting projects.

If you’re looking for a new brand, or website, here’s how we can help.

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