We understand there are many questions when you get a new website for your small business design and built by experts.

Here are the main questions we get about Squarespace and developing a new website. If we’ve missed anything, please contact us and we’ll answer it asap, or jump on our chat below and we can answer too


× squarespace & Squarely FAQs ×

How experienced is Squarely using Squarespace?

A. We have been using Squarespace for over 10 years, since first using the platform in 2007. We have been branding experts and web designers for over 20 years, and are exclusive Squarespace Circle members. We have also won numerous design awards for our web design, design and branding expertise.

Why use a Squarespace web design expert like Squarely to build my Squarespace site?

A. Using a Squarespace web design expert will save you time and stress in the short-term, and deliver a website that offers tremendous value to your business in the long-run.

You can build a basic website yourself, however if you want it to be professional, and be an asset that can generate sales, engage your visitors and ultimately grow your business, using a web design expert for your small business is essential

Squarely has over 25 years of design and branding experience, over 20 years of web design experience and over 10 years of Squarespace experience.

How long does it take to design and build a Squarespace website for my small business?

A. Depending on the complexity and scale of your Squarespace website, we estimate between 1-4 weeks. For most small holding pages we can get something up within 4-5 working days, where small to medium-sized Squarespace websites can take up to 3-4 weeks. This is dependant on the supply of content, appproval process, testing and finetuning the website design and development ahead of launch.

How much will a Squarespace website cost my small business?

A. The cost of a small business website all depends on the size and complexity of your website and what you need. A simple Squarespace templated website can cost as little as $500–$1000 for a single holding page, while larger more complex, customised Squarespace websites may cost upwards of $3000.

Can Squarely help me design my logo and brand?

A. What sets us apart from other web designers and web design agencies is we started off as Branding and Graphic Design Experts. For nearly 20 years we ran a Melbourne Design Digital Agency Lemonade. So our roots are firmly set in Branding. So we can help you with your logo, company brand and all you corporate stationery, signage and collateral if you need. We're your one stop shop expert small business branding and website design.

I'm thinking of creating a new logo for my business, should I do this before a create my new Squarespace website?

A. Yes, you should. As we'll be creating a shiny new website for your small website, it is a great time to revitalise and freshen up your business. In the one project Squarely can look at your brand, creating a new look and feel which can be applied to not only your Squarespace website, but across your small business.

Squarely will then create a simple but effective set of Brad guidelines for you to use internally and externally to maintain your new brands consistency and look.

Do you offer website and branding packages to small business?

A. 100% we do. We cater for a wide range of clients, and client needs when it comes to building a website for their small business. Check out our Prices and Packages page.

Why should my small business have a Squarespace website?

A. We love Squarespace? It's the only website design and development platform we use and recommend. Squarespace is a fantastic, easy-to-use platform for those wanting to quickly and affordably start their website without the fuss over servers, security and expensive development costs.

Squarespace is a fully hosted platform meaning Squarely get to focus on the design and development of your website, which results in quicker turnaround times and lower cost to you when compared to other custom larger web development. Branding and image is crucial online. As they say "You don't get a second chance at first impressions" An engaging, intuitive and stylish Squarespace website needs to be attractive to your visitors and potential customers. Whether you're a health & wellness guru, dentist, tradie, cafe, or a photographer Squarespace is the web design platform for your small business.

Squarespace enables mobile and desktop design, intuitive functionality and an easy to use content management system for keeping your site updated. So many reasons, however the main reasons are

  1. Squarespace is easy to use once set up properly
  2. Squarespace is great for your business SEO when set up
  3. Squarespace works seamlessly across all your mobile devices
  4. You need to keep engaged with your customers, and make it easy for them to contact you.
  5. Your website is a reflect of your brand, your service/product and effectively an online brochure in what you do
  6. When designed and set up properly by professionals your website is a valuable asset to grow your business.

What makes a good Squarespace website?

A. A good Squarespace website is one that achieves the goals for what your small business has pre-defined. If you have an online eCommerce store a key KPI would be sales. Other main criteria that makes a good Squarespace website includes things like ease of use, a fast load time, attractive design, mobile responsive, and how it ranks on Google. This is why using a Squarespace web design expert like Squarely is key to your small business success.

How many Australian businesses don't have a website ?

A. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) ran astudy in 2016 and found that more than half of businesses in Australia still don't have a website. Among micro business, with 4 staff or less, 63% didn't have a website, and decreased to 41.9% for small businesses with 5–19 staff members. Are you one of these stats?


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