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Do you want more Local SEO searches for your small business?


Are you missing out on valuable business by not having your website optizmised for Local SEO searches. If your small business relies on customers finding you though a Local SEO Google search ie. Location + Your service / product, we need to talk.

Local SEO is the #1 thing that can get a small business like yours, firing on all cylinders online.

72% of customers who search for something locally will go to a business within 8 kilometres of their location. So it’s vital to have a Google My Business listing to make sure the address is correct, and the location can be found on Google Maps.

Why is Local SEO search crucial to my small business?

Think about your business, and your potential customers looking for you. Question: If they typed in your product or service and the area you’re in, would they find you easily, or would your competition leapfrog above you, and take your valuable business?

If you run a small business local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial part of an overall SEO strategy that focuses on optimizing your website so you can be found for local search terms.

Local SEO search encompasses local search terms like: “Plumbers near me”, “Prahran Plumbers”, “Plumber in Prahran” or “Plumbers close by” etc..

Simply put, local SEO is a process that focuses optimization of brick-and-mortar businesses websites so they appear easily for location specific searches. This may include localised positive reviews, localised content, on-page optimization, and link building all with a local SEO focus.

Listing your business on localised directories like Google My Business (GMB), Bing Places, TrueLocal, WoMo, Gumtree, Yelp etc, all go to boosting your Local SEO results.


Start with Google My Business

If you have a small business, and want to get some instant traction on your Local SEO results, get your business listed on Google My Business (GMB). Optimise your listing with relevant business information, descriptive services/products, images, posts and offers.

Did you know 46% of all Google searches are looking for local or localised information. So if you’re website isn’t optimised for local SEO search, your business is literally missing out on work right in front of you.

After you’ve listed there find other relevant industry, partner or local directories you can list on. (TIP: Make sure your Name / Address / Phone (NAP) is consistently displayed across all sites to further boost your results.


Let’s chat about your Local SEO

We’re sure you have some questions about improving your local SEO results for your business, and we’d love to help. So let’s chat

In the meantime, you can start by doing a FREE website and SEO audit to see how your site currently performs. From there we can put together a plan on getting your business ranking higher, and ranking better for local SEO searches in your area.

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Not convinced about Local SEO?
We practice what we preach.


Local SEO results for Squarely.
The proof is in the pudding

At Squarely we do what we recommend, and test and measure our results so we know they work when we recommend them to you.

When you can get your local business listed in 5 out of 10 possible places for a local SEO search result, you know you’re doing things right!

As you can see from the results, not only do we rank highly for our own website, but our other business directory listings and Google My Business listing also appear

What if we could achieve the same for your business?

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Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over the last two years.
— Chat Meter