In 1997 we started a graphic design and branding agency well before the internet was a thing.

Since then we have worked with some of Australia’s best known and respected brands, working on their brand image and communications. Having a well crafted and thought out brand will set you out from your competition as well as having impact with new and exisiting customers when evaluating what you offer them.

× more than just your logo ×


Make people fall in love with your brand

A great brand is more than just your logo, it’s everything you do and don’t do) however, most importantly your brand is defined by how it makes people feel when interacting with your business. From how the phone is answered, to what your signage or shop front looks like, to how your customer service and support is handled. It is much more than a logo or set of fonts and colours. We help you discover who your ideal customer is, and create a persona to match their avatar.

Knowing and understanding your target audience is the first step in creating a memorable and engaging brand.

We take you through the process of discovery and find out more about you, your customer and what is it that drives you both.

× the face of your business ×


Your logo and identity is what sets you apart.

“You don’t get a second chance at first impressions” - No more is this true than with your logo and identity design. People straight away can see (and feel) what you’re about simply by how you present yourself. Are things consistent? Well considered? Do you look professional or looking a bit out of date? What does your competition look like?

All valid questions you should ask yourself to see how your small business identity and logo is travelling.

We craft beautiful award-winning logos and identities that are stylish, simple, versatile and scalable. We start our process with a conversation to understand where your small business is at, and where you want to take it.

Let’s take your brand identity and logo to the next level, especially if you’re also considering having a new Squarespace Website expert designed by us.


Our Brand process.

The key to any successful brand project is having a simple design process that not only extracts goals and outcomes, but makes the process for creativity and design far more fun and effective.



We know know our business, however we don’t know yours. So we spend the time to ask all the question we need to develop a new brand design.



We spend the time researching your industry and reviewing our discussions to come up with a brilliant brand thought that we know you’ll love.



After collaborative discussions with you we refine the design to the final brand design and create the necessary brand touchpoint you need for your business.



Once finalised we help you launch your brand to the big wide world. We’ll also develop a set of brand guidelines to make sure your brand stays consistent.


× a few brands we've worked with ×


Are you ready to take your small business brand to the next level?

Let’s chat, talk about where you’re at and where you want to take your small business brand to next.