If you’re a new business or existing small business that wants to redefine who they are, or a new or exisiting business that wants to create a new name for their business, we’re here to help.


A new direction, a new name, a new look. It’s what we do.

Through our Discovery with you we develop your brand positioning, defining who you are, what you stand for, how you operate and of course how you communicate to your audience.

We’ve also completed 100’s of naming projects with our clients. Starting from our own research and client briefs we then develop naming concepts and test them for how they sound, appear, cultural crossover and most importantly if and how they have been used or registered.


Aside from making sure that a brand name feels good to customers, another clear advantage to a new name is making it easier to pronounce, understand, or spell. One good example is a man named Ralph Lifshitz who thought his name wasn’t quite right for the brand he was building. He changed his name to Ralph Lauren, you may have heard of him.