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Australian Squarespace Help & Support

If you’ve got an existing Squarespace website and you want some minor or major tweaks to it, we can help.

You may not want to start again, and that’s cool. We can help either way.

We’re here for all your Squarespace website help and support needs


We got lots of enquiries asking if we can do minor changes, help to iron out issues, add new features or simply give the site a mini make-over.

We can do it all. We can even help to transfer an existing site over from another platform like Wordpress / Wix etc…

So, if you want to…

✓ Tweak your design
✓ Fix those niggling problems
✓ Add a new feature or function
✓ Modify your template
✓ Do basic updates
✓ Optimise for search
✓ or transfer from another platform

We have 2 simple options to choose from.


ready when you are


Jobs estimated based on work required
✓ Use as you need
✓ Keep costs low and fixed
✓ Perfect for adhoc changes when needed




Prepaid block of 10-hours of time
✓ Fast and simple
✓ Best value
✓ Perfect for regular site tweaks


Looking for a complete Squarespace website update, or to transfer your site from another platform?


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